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If you’ve tried traditional dieting you probably made some great progress, but then for some weird reason you cracked. You ‘blew it’ and gave up.

Well you are not alone, this happens to just about everyone. Heck, it even happened to me, and I do this for a living!

Traditional diets are set up to actually work against your body instead of with it, and the worst part is the longer you fight your way through one of these types of diets the worse your crash and rebound weight gain is going to be.

It’s truly a system designed for failure. And worst of all, they’re designed to fail at the exact point when it matters most – just when you are starting to see impressive results.

From dieting experience you probably know that pretty much ANY diet will work for the first couple weeks, but after that things go down hill FAST.

Sure, you could use sheer will power to force yourself to lose weight, following complicated diets and weird weight loss tricks but it’s never going to be sustainable – It will always lead you to a crash and a rebound. And this isn’t your fault.

It is straight up 100% a DESIGN FLAW of traditional dieting. The Rebound is BUILT INTO THE PROGRAM!

Luckily there is a better way to diet…

And that better way is a technique called Reverse Taper Fasting.

What is the Reverse Taper Fasting?

It’s a specific style of intermittent fasting that is used in ‘The 5:2 IDEAL YOU‘ and is designed to work with your body instead of against it.

The program actually gets easier the more weight you lose, and most importantly it teaches you how to maintain your weight loss permanently.

Think about this for a moment – an approach that gets EASIER as you lose weight, and that is designed to help you maintain your weight loss permanently. Unless you enjoy eating 800 Calories a day from specific lists of food, ‘The 5:2 IDEAL YOU‘ is for YOU.

Best of all it is completely compatible with any style of eating. At its core the Reverse Taper Fasting is an amazing ‘Fix’ that makes just about any approach to eating instantly better, ESPECIALLY if you are trying to get ’6 pack lean’ and stay that way!

If you’re ready to put an end to impossibly restrictive diets and are sick of struggling to lose weight only to see it all come back within weeks after the diet…then you’re ready for ”The 5:2 IDEAL YOU”.

What do you get?

1. Ideal Body Blueprint

Gives you science behind how weight loss and most importantly how FAT LOSS really works…because isnt’ that what we’re really after anyway.

  • Learn how to fast and eat for your specific body type to lose fat fast
  • Discover why almost all other traditional diets will lead to a crash and rebound weight gain
  • Understand the simple science of eating for vital energy while stripping away your fat
  • Learn how to track your progress so you can continually make progress

2. Calculator Software

With the new software program you will get a fully personalized weekly guideline. Using your specific body proportions the software calculator will give you the ideal fasting routine you need to follow for maximum fat loss without sacrificing your lean muscle. In other words, fat loss but no muscle loss.

  • Get personalized weekly plan to follow
  • Weekly program changes as your body weight and measurements change
  • Sets weekly targets for maximum fat loss without losing muscle
  • Gives your target ideal bodyweight range

3. Bonus: Quick Start Guide

And to help you start feeling the power of the 5:2 Diet even faster, we have created a special bonus for you. It’s called ‘The Quick Start Guide’ and we are including it absolutely FREE right now with every purchase.

But Won’t This Be Way Too Expensive?

That’s the best part of this.

Let’s look at how much you could spend trying to lose weight with a personal trainer and the traditional approach:

=> A typical personal trainer who’s got a weekend certificate will cost you anywhere from $50-90$ per session. If you only got two sessions per week you’d be spending a minimum of $400/month!

=> Special health foods and super foods can run your grocery bill well over $150 per week.

=> Fat burner supplements can easily run you between $50-$100 month.

=> Any way you slice it, you’re still looking at spending $100′s of dollars EVERY month trying to lose fat the ‘traditional’ way…

…Well, not anymore!

For one payment of $10 $29.90, you get the ‘The 5:2 Ideal You’ protocol manual and personal subscription to the software program that will give you a customized fat loss solution for your body.