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The Truth about Dress Sizes

Is there anything more confusing than dress sizes? They vary from store to store, they change year to year, and for the most part they seem completely arbitrary. Heck, from what I can tell a woman can be a size 12 at Zara and a size 8 and LK Bennet! She can also be a […]

Should women fast?

There is recent debate about women and the safety of fasting. It IS TRUE that many women have had problems when they added fasting into their diet and nutrition plan. But, the question becomes, was the problem the fasting? It should come as no surprise that there are obvious gender differences in how the human […]

Intermittent Fasting and Depression

Depression isn’t fun. It is typically described as a state of low mood but is really much, much more than that. We all go through ups and downs in our mood. And Sadness is a normal reaction to struggles, setbacks, disappointments and losses that are a part of human life. So while many people use […]

Intermittent Fasting and Flexibility

Here’s a random thought on Intermittent Fasting, mostly brought on by questions I get on my facebook page. It has a lot to do with people posting asking about various ultra-minutia nutrition questions, usually brought on by the latest contrarian nutrition guru… “So and so says breakfast is the most important meal is it true?” […]

How Many Calories can you Burn in a day?

Have you ever stopped to think that there might be an upper-limit to human metabolism? Basically a ‘ceiling rate’ at which we can burn through calories? Probably not, but don’t worry… I did for you! I’ve heard rumors of people eating well over 10,000 calories during a single cheat day, or even every day during […]

Do Detox Diets Really Work?

There is a popular belief that restricting what you eat for a period of time can rid your body of built-up toxins and help you lose weight. The appeal of this claim is hard to ignore – and it seems that advertisements for detox diets pop up everywhere, in magazines, health food stores, and online. […]

Healthy Diets are Better for Weight Loss than Exercise

Exercise on its own will not help you drop pounds if you continue eating an unhealthy diet. An Australian review of 43 weight loss studies dating as far back as 1985 has proven this. “Exercise by itself is not going to be an effective weight-loss strategy for an individual. You really need to combine exercise […]

Effectiveness of Internet-Based Weight Loss Services

These days, there are many online weight loss programs in addition to traditional weight loss programs, such as Weight Watchers. But do they work, and how do they compare to traditional weight loss services? The Appeal of Online Dieting Online weight loss programs can easily be accessed from the comfort of your home, making them […]