Eat Stop Eat: Phase 2


Eat Stop Eat Phase 2 is all about the finishing touches


author: Brad Pilon

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To tell you the truth, I’m not a fan of being ultra lean.

Lean is great… but ultra lean? Honestly, it takes a lot of work, and not the type of work you’re probably thinking of…

When you are ultra lean (we’re talking almost contest ready… when you look like a living Instagram picture) you need to eat… and you need to control how much exercise you do…. you even need to control how much fasting you do.

Listen, you’ve probably heard that as you get leaner, you need to exercise more, diet harder, be more disciplined, and give up more of your favorite foods. And you may even believe that dieting should get more complicated and confusing as you approach your goal.

From my experience this is wrong.

Yes, you have to do many of these things to get lean… but to get VERY LEAN, a lot of these rules change… In fact, often times they actually FLIP.

I’ve covered this information before in Eat Stop Eat Final Phase and Eat Stop Eat Advanced, however over the last few years, I’ve been able to simplify my equations to make them much easier an much more accurate… however the end result is exactly the same… you have to eat more and exercise less in order to reach your perfect beach-ready body!…

I’ve combined the information in Final Phase and Eat Stop Eat Advanced with these new equations to bring you Eat Stop Eat Phase Two. (This is the exact same advice I give people when they are in end stages of transformation contests.)

The principles of Eat Stop Eat still apply, but every woman and man needs an edge when it comes to losing the final few pounds, and this edge is Phase Two.

Another big PLUS of Phase Two is that it protects you from Rebound Weight Gain – the single biggest trap that pulls almost every man or woman down when they try to lose those last few pounds… I know because I’ve seen it, and because it’s happened to me.

This is the plan that will put the finishing touches on your picture perfect body –  the kind of body that will have you looking for excuses to show it off at the beach, the pool, the gym or wherever else you can think of to uncover your creation…

If you are interested in how I approach getting very lean, and how I advise people to avoid rebound weight gain, then Phase Two has your answers.