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author: Brad Pilon

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Your Fat Cells Shrink and they Grow… that’s just what they do.

When you diet they shrink, and you guessed it…

When you eat they grow again.

That’s why what I’m about to tell you is 100x better than simply shrinking a fat cell…

When we measure fat loss we measure the amount of fat that “leaks” out of a fat cell, if fat isn’t leaking, we assume fat loss isn’t happening, which is true but…

When we measure markers of cell DEATH a whole different story emerges – one where we are actually permanently losing fat cells…

So even though we don’t see fat cells shrinking we see something so much better – fat cells beginning to disintegrate.

This is cutting edge science that we’re only beginning to understand.

When you lift weights in a certain manner you release something called “Myokines.”

Myokines are the “signal” that tells your body to build strength. What’s swept under the rug is that they also tell your body to kill fat cells!

In other words, lifting weights doesn’t just change your muscles, it shifts your whole body chemistry and makes it easier to build strength AND lose fat.

Myokines = Build Muscle AND ACTUALLY disintegrate fat cells

Now, losing fat cells happens slowly,  but once they’re gone… they’re GONE!

In order to release Myokines you must push your muscles past what they have accomplished previously creating an unaccustomed stress (also called progressive overload).

The mistake people make, that derails most strength programs and blocks the continued release of Myokines over time, is trying to progress TOO quickly…

The trick to constant strength gains and fat loss over extended periods is actually MICRO-DOSING your progress!…

This is what I’ve been doing for the last 7 months with phenomenal results.

Since I was only really doing this for myself, I ended up just calling this system my “Progressions”…

And since this scientific approach was dreamed up by yours truly, all the people who were testing it just started calling them… Pilon’s Progressions. 🙂

The whole philosophy behind these Progressions is that small improvements made consistently create big changes over time.

And that SKIPPING any of those small, carefully calculated steps quickly grinds your progress to a halt.

This is what I’ve been doing for the last 6 months, and it’s what I will be doing for the foreseeable future.  (I’m leaner and stronger than I’ve ever been.)

It works that well.

It’s designed for both men and women, and has programming for the beginner and the advanced lifter. You do need access to some weights (this is not a body weight training program). And you can actually overlay Progressions right on top of your workouts, they will go hand in hand.

There is no guesswork involved. It gives you EXACT weights and EXACT reps to use for EVERY session.



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