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‘Eat STOP Eat’ is a best-selling in North America intermittent fasting plan created by Canadian author Brad Pilon. This book is the complete source of the latest research behind using 24-hour fasting for easy fat loss and and life-long health.


author: Brad Pilon

Here’s a real head-scratcher for you — it’s something everyone seems to believe about weight loss. And it may be the reason you struggle with your weight…

Think about this… Almost every diet, weight loss pill, supplement or program is telling you to consume MORE of something.

Weird right?

They quietly convince you that eating less is hard, scary, bad for you, and that it’s just not right… and they leave out the fact that it’s the only real solution to permanent weight control.

Instead, why aren’t they telling you about the ONE thing that actually makes it easier to eat less?

It’s a simple way of eating that mimics the way your ancestors ate. It’s what kept them slim and healthy. And it’s what your body still craves today…

Table of Contents:

  • A Special Note
  • Preface
  • How it All Started
  • Introduction
  • The Fasted State
  • The Disappearance of the Fasted State
  • Forget Everything You Have Ever Read about Fasting
  • Fasting and Your Metabolism
  • Fasting and Exercise
  • Fasting and Your Brain
  • Fasting and Your Muscle Mass
  • Fasting and Hunger
  • Fasting and Blood Sugar Levels
  • Other Misconceptions of Fasting
  • Fasting and Leptin
  • Fasting and Testosterone
  • Fasting and Cortisol
  • Fasting and Breakfast

The Health Benefits of Fasting

  • Decreased Insulin Levels and Increased Insulin Sensitivity
  • Decreased Blood Glucose Levels
  • Increased Lipolysis and Fat Burning
  • Increased Epinephrine and Norepinephrine Levels
  • Increased Growth Hormone Levels
  • Increased Weight Loss and Increased Fat Loss
  • Decreased Chronic Inflammation
  • Increased Cellular Cleaning
  • Health Benefits – The Conclusion

The Eat Stop Eat Way of Life

  • How to fast Eat Stop Eat Style
  • Eat Stop Eat – Why not Longer Fasts
  • How to Eat, Eat Stop Eat style
  • What to do While fasting
  • Fasting and Women
  • How to work out with Eat Stop Eat
  • Designing your own workout program
  • Sticking with it
  • A note on cardio for weight loss
  • Other health benefits of exercise
  • Ho to keep it off
  • Eat Stop Eat as Training

Eat Stop Eat Conclusions

Eat Stop Eat Frequently Asked Questions