Fat Cell Killer


Set Your Fat Cells To Self-Destruct: Introducing the ONLY Way To Destroy & Flush Away Adipocytes From Your Body For Permanent And Irreversible Fat Cell Removal.


author: Brad Pilon

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The Scientific Reason For “Rebound Weight Gain”

Have you ever wondered why it takes so long to lose weight, and yet you can gain it all back in a single weekend?

It’s very simple really. And no one else is talking about it because no one has had a solution for it… until very recently.

You see… “losing weight” does not reduce the number of fat cells you have!

When you lose weight you simply drain those cells, like letting the air out of a balloon. And then all those cells sit there inside your body, starving and just begging for you to fill them up again

Worse… when you become overweight and fill up your fat cells… your body actually tells those cells to divide and multiply… It’s called hyperplasia.

That means that if you have ever put on excess weight you are almost certain to have MORE FAT CELLS than people who have never been overweight.

And to add insult to injury, when you manage to drain your extra fat cells they continually send out signals to your body instructing it to refill them. Which means you’re more likely to be hungry all the time and constantly fight with cravings!

And that’s why rebound weight gain is not difficult to understand. It’s not a myth. And it is very well explained by what we know about human metabolism.

The only way to reverse this inevitable biological feedback loop is to reduce the number of fat cells in your body. Until very recently this seemed almost impossible. But new discoveries have finally revealed the roadmap to purposefully destroying and removing fat cells from your body.

New Research Reveals Simple Fat Cell Apoptosis Techniques You Can Use Right In Your Own Home For Pennies.

Now you can get the same results using simple methods that you simply add to your daily routine, that cost you next to nothing!

Book Contents

  • Introduction
  • Killing Fat Cells – Cellular Apoptosis
  • Not All Fat Cells Are Created Equal
  • How To Kill a Fat Cell
  • Cold Exposure
  • Do-It-Yourseld Cryotherapy
  • Sunlight UV – Exposure & Vitamin D
  • Targeted High-Intensity Exercise
  • Polyphenols
  • Conclusion
  • Glutes and ABS Workout


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