The Authors

The 5:2 diet plan has been created by british doctor Michael Mosley who, jointly with a lifestyle journalist Mimi Spencer, wrote a best-selling book “The Fast Diet“. This book has been published in over thirty-two languages around the world.

Dr. Michael Mosley is also the author of The Clever Gut Diet, The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet, and the coauthor, with Peta Bee, of Fast Exercise. Dr. Mosley trained to be a doctor at the Royal Free Hospital in London before joining the BBC, where he has been a science journalist, executive producer, and, more recently, a well-known television personality. He has won numerous television awards, including an RTS (Royal Television Award), and was named Medical Journalist of the Year by the British Medical Association.



Brad Pilon is the leading canadian researcher of intermittent fasting and its effect on weight loss, health, longevity and muscle building. He’s also the author of best-selling in North America intermittent fasting book called “Eat Stop Eat” that has been initially published in 2007.